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What is Kshipper?

Kshipper is a mediator between online retailers and their courier providers by giving free software solutions, shipping discounts and assistance to online retailers. KShipper is developing more features to assist its customers in the end to end shipping process.

How does KShipper help retailers right now?
  • KShipper provides an online pick up system so that you can schedule all of your pickups easily through our online system.
  • KShipper provides significant shipping discounts to retailers when using our KShipper subaccount.
  • Kshipper provides interactive customizable shipping and product reports.
  • KShipper provides your customer’s with shipment status updates through automated and integrated email notifications.
  • And you get all of this for your business for free!
How do I obtain a courier account through KShipper?

To obtain a courier account through KShipper you click on the Register button on the top right of the homepage (and this page) and fill in all the signup data. We will then follow up with account verification.

How much does it cost to use KShipper?

KShipper and all of its amazing features and shipping discounts is 100% free for your business. There are no hidden charges or fees.

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